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Purchasing a commercial property is a huge decision that can often make or break your business. Not only will you need to undertake a large financial commitment, choosing the wrong property can make it difficult for your business to be successful. While many business owners consider the location of their property to be of the utmost importance, it is also crucial that the structure be in good working order so that it does not become an unexpected drain on your limited resources. Your Bank Requires It First and foremost, though they want to help you realize your dream of purchasing the perfect commercial property, your banking official is going to protect the interests of his or her employer -- the bank. In order to protect that interest, a bank requires a satisfactory commercial property inspection before giving approval to release funds. Inspections Plus will provide a professionally written detailed report that satisfies this requirement. It Protects You Too! In these uncertain economic times, many businesses fail to flourish well enough for their owners to keep them running. When you factor in the inventory that must be kept on hand as well as the payroll budget, the last thing you want to be responsible for is a commercial property that requires ongoing work. A commercial real estate inspector provides you with the confidence you need to close on that perfect property -- secure in the knowledge that all of its crucial systems passed the rigorous points of his inspection. Be Proactive About Your Business You are probably a go-getter already or else you would not have your own business. Scheduling a commercial property inspection allows you to get to know your potential property on an intimate level. While you are likely to already be a pretty busy person, it is important to make the time to take a walk-through with your commercial real estate inspector. Though you will receive a written record of the findings, you will also be able to take advantage of any on-the-spot information he throws out during the inspection. Experience -- Reputation -- Customer Service -- Reliability This sums up the Inspections Plus difference when you hire them to complete your commercial property inspection. Flexible time slots allow you to take care of business while preparing for the future in a new and better location.


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