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Whether you are concerned about the soaring summer temperatures that have you cranking the air conditioner day and night or you worry about your winter heating bill when it seems like the frigid weather will push your heat pump to its limits, saving money on the energy you use is an appealing idea. If you are like most homeowners, you are probably losing hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars in additional costs due to energy loss. An energy audit is a quick and efficient way to determine where you are losing energy. A Home Energy Inspection is the Key A thorough home energy inspection combs through each of the rooms in your home, looking for obvious -- and not so obvious -- places where you can experience energy loss. It is these often hidden places that result in some of the biggest energy wasters. While you see the interior and exterior of your home every day, a professional who is focused on an energy audit will be able to look at your home objectively and with fresh eyes, enabling him to find places where energy is escaping. Insulation -- A Common Culprit in Energy Loss Homeowners often equate insulation with saving money -- and typically that is how the process works. However, insulation needs to be correctly maintained so that it continues to work as it was intended. Perhaps because so many homeowners believe that once an area of their home is insulated, you can simply forget about it, improper insulation is actually one of the most common issues found during an energy audit. Choose a Professional for the Best Results During a professional home energy inspection, the inspector methodically moves through each room of your home, taking copious notes along the way. While the results of the inspection are discussed with you at length, you are also presented with a copy of the inspector's findings so that you can reference them later. In addition, a home inspector is a professional who welcomes all questions and prides himself on being able to provide you with more information or guidance, as needed. If you are ready to save money on your energy costs this year, contact Inspections Plus now for your own personalized home energy inspection and energy audit. For more than 20 years, they have been inspecting homes in St. Paul, Minneapolis and the surrounding areas in an effort to save homeowners stress, money and time.


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