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Before you purchase a home, whether it is a single-family structure, condo, log cabin or some other type; it is important to have a thorough home inspection completed prior to signing any contracts or other legally binding paperwork. Even if your lending institution does not require it, and most do, it is in your best interests to have a real estate inspection completed. Real Estate Inspections Are Required During a home purchase, your real estate inspector will become your best friend. Whether this is your first home and you are a novice or you are a seasoned pro at purchasing houses, it is possible to miss potential trouble spots. As a trained professional, the real estate inspector takes a thorough look at your home through unbiased eyes as he searches for items that can negatively impact its soundness. Thus, a real estate inspection is a requirement for your peace of mind -- now and long into the future. A Foundation Inspection is a Must Because there is so much resting on your home's foundation, it is imperative that a foundation inspection is performed. Regardless of the type of foundation that your home is built upon, your professional foundation inspector looks for cracks in unusual places as well as cracks in ceramic tile flooring. He also checks for windows and doors that will not stay closed or latch properly. Delving More Deeply Cracks in the walls and stubborn doors and windows are not the only indications that your foundation could be at risk. Even though a house settles a small amount due to age, this should not result in uneven walls or walls that are out of plumb. The only way to really be sure if a wall of your home is level is by measuring it with an instrument developed for that purpose. Structural Problems Become Evident During a Foundation Inspection A poured concrete foundation should remain strong and sturdy without chipping or cracking. Evidence of these occurrences means further testing is in order. While the perimeter wall is arguably the most visible aspect of your foundation, it is not the only place you need to be concerned about. Your professional foundation inspector will also test the strength and validity of the posts and supporting walls of your basement or crawl space. For more than 20 years, Inspections Plus has provided homeowners in the St. Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding areas with high-quality home inspections in an effort to help them find the home of their dreams.


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