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 As a real estate agent, you want your clients to be satisfied with your services. One of the best ways to ensure that they are happy with the home you have sold them is to ensure that it meets their expectations. A professional home inspection is the best way to do so. Services You and Your Clients Can Expect Far from being simply a cursory inspection that touches on only a few points, a real estate property inspector provides a thorough examination of all aspects of a home. The various systems of a home -- electric, HVAC, roofing -- work together to provide the prospective homeowner with the opportunity to make a solid investment in their future. After inspecting these services -- as well as other aspects of the home -- the real estate property inspector provides a written report as a record of his findings. Time Well Spent at a Crucial Juncture Once you have found that perfect home for your buyer or the perfect buyer for your seller, the next step is a crucial one. A professional home inspection involves a comprehensive walk-through of the home with the real estate property inspector taking detailed notes about its various attributes. In addition to getting to know the home better, your client is also able to develop an appreciation of the inner workings of their new purchase, a crucial element when it comes to protecting their investment. Should You Recommend a Home Inspection to Your Seller? If you are representing the seller in a home purchase, using a professional home inspection as a way to entice a buyer to make a commitment has several advantages. It shows the buyer that the seller has nothing to hide. If something is found to be amiss during the inspection, it gives the seller an opportunity to fix it or otherwise enter into negotiations with the buyer. Encouraging the potential buyer to have a home inspection completed is a friendly gesture that can make closing go more smoothly. Inspections Plus provides complete home inspection services so that you and your clients can feel confident about the value they are receiving for their investment. The father-son team of Todd and Tyler Ganz have a combined 30 years of experience as real estate property inspectors serving St. Paul, Minnesota and the surrounding areas. With their many levels of expertise and a full palette of additional services such as radon testing, mold testing and moisture inspections, Inspections Plus offers professional and exemplary service that you will be proud to recommend to all your clients.


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Prices for Inspections with-in 150 mile Radius of Minneapolis - St. Paul. .50 cents per mile over 150

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