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Mold can be a serious health issue -- especially if someone in your family has breathing issues, is very young or very old; even otherwise healthy people will react unfavorably if there is mold in your home, though. This can be as simple as having allergy symptoms on a year round basis -- even in the winter when nearly all common allergens are dormant or as serious as developing asthma or other lung conditions. Hidden Culprit of Mold The biggest issue when dealing with mold -- besides the health problems it can cause -- is the fact that the source is often hidden. A comprehensive mold inspection is designed to find those places where the mold originates so you can combat it right at the source. During the mold inspection, the professional inspector will look for water marks, wet spots and other signs of damage that could indicate the presence of mold spores. A Professional Home Inspector Digs Deeper While finding these indicators of water damage is a start, in most cases they are simply the symptoms of the problem. Any sign of water damage must come from some type of starting point, and a good home inspector digs deeper to find the root of the problem. For some homeowners, this might come with the realization that the source of their mold problem is hidden under baseboards or inside walls. A Mold Test Can Confirm Your Worst Fears If your local mold inspection company finds what appears to be mold, he can perform a mold test to provide you with the confirmation you need to move forward to a resolution. While it can feel like having a positive result to a mold test is your worst fear, it is important to keep this occurrence in perspective. Even though you do not want to have mold in your home, at least now you are aware of it and you can take steps to erase it. An even worse scenario when it comes to mold is not knowing that you have it and continuing to -- unknowingly -- put your family's health in danger. At Inspections Plus, the owners, Todd and Tyler, have a combined 30 years of inspection experience. They pride themselves on providing top-notch service and professionalism to homeowners in the Minneapolis - St. Paul region as well as those communities nearby. With each mold inspection, you are presented with documentation of what was found in your home as well as suggestions for solutions.


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