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" Great service! Educational! We've hired Todd x2 and would do so again!"


- K.R.

"I felt very comfortable with Todd and his business, he helped walk me through all the steps of an inspection from booking the apppointment, choosing which Services I needed to add on. He was willing to answering all my questions before and during the inspection which as a first time home buyer was absolutely amazing and very helpful, he never made me feel like any of my questions were ridiculous and answered all of them, even the general questions that weren't about the inspection. He was very Professional and did an amazing job on explaining things in a way that first time home buyers can understand. He was flexible with our schedule and working around the times we needed especially on a very short notice. He was on time and even though we ran a bit late he never made us feel rushed. I trust him and his business I even asked him for other recommendations for future reference. I will definitely be using Todd and his business again if I ever needed it."


- A.B.

"I have had clients who have used the services of Inspections Plus, and they were very impressed with the knowledgeable and professional service they received. Todd's demeanor is calm and approachable, which made my clients comfortable throughout the process. I would recommend his services to anyone."


- Laurie Simonson, GRI Realtor - Sandelands Realty

Inspections Plus is my only recommendation when referring a home inspector. I have been selling homes for over 15 years, and have used many inspection companies, but none come close to the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism as Inspections Plus home inspectors. Todd and Tyler are extremely thorough, and articulate the findings to the client in great detail. All of the clients that I have referred to Inspections Plus have been completely satisfied! What I tell my clients is this: "The cost of an Inspections Plus home inspection is relatively the equal to other home inspection companies. However, with Inspections Plus you are getting the absolute best value and expertise for your money!"


- Tammi Adams, Realtor - Sandelands Realty-Isle Office

"I have used Inspections Plus on several occasions and have always been very satisfied with the excellent service they provide. Inspections Plus understands that we have deadlines that have to be met and they always make sure the job gets done on time! Todd Ganz is very knowledgeable and takes the time to point out and explain everything to my clients. Inspections Plus provides honest, thorough and easy to understand reports so that my clients have the information they need moving forward in selling or purchasing a home. I would definitely recommend Inspections Plus!"


- Jamie Jensen - United Country Real Estate

As a first time home seller, I wanted to make sure my home was ready for sale without any issues. Inspections Plus was prompt and thorough and provided me with a detailed report that identified issues that I was then able to address prior to putting my house on the market. I appreciated the professional and knowledgeable service from Inspections Plus and would trust their expertise for any future needs as well.


- Kim Johnson

Todd and Inspections Plus did a great job. With my house getting older and certain things needing attention, Todd was very thorough, professional and honest with his inspection. He doesn't give all the answers you want to hear but always the answer you need to hear. If you want a safe, warm and protected house. Give Todd a call. Thanks Todd for the inspection!


- Ryan Dehn

Inspections Plus

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